Tuesday, 27 December 2011

The AB Hotel, Glebe, Sydney
Date: 26th December 2011
Price: $14 (an extra $2.80 for the blob of sauce and pre-cut cheese)
Type: Chicken
With: chips, lettuce and tomato sauce

Could it have been because the normal chef was not working on Boxing Day? I'm not sure, but this was a fairly ordinary meal. 

The words "this was definitely a frozen schnitzel at some point" were heard. Very small and it's not clear how a single blob of sauce and cheese turned this schnitzel into a parmigiana, but that's what it's meant to be. Additionally, the salad left quite a lot to be desired. 

Shame on you, AB hotel; your website boasts so many bold bold claims, I thought you were better than that.


Wednesday, 30 November 2011

The Carlisle Castle, Newtown

The Carlisle Castle, Newtown, Sydney
Date: 29th November 2011
Price: dunno (over $15, that's all i know)
Type: veal
With: mash and some sort of sauce

All the times I've been to, and eaten at the Carlisle, and I've never had a schnitzel. Crazy! This time again it was not i that got to eat this specimen. I must say it looked pretty good (and by all reports, tasted pretty good too). It was an actual piece of meat, beaten flat and crumbed! Not frozen and re-fried! Amazing.
I'm not sure if it usually comes with veggies as well as mash (it was being eaten by a veggiephobe), but something green might have made it a pretty excellent meal indeed.
Note: the Carlisle does a mean chicken burger as well.

The Tudor Hall, Redfern

Tudor Hall, Redfern, Sydney
Date: 29th November 2011
Price: $10
Type: chicken
With: chips and salad

This specimen came with quite the comprehensive review: 10 dollars. With multicrumb though not crummy. Was good :D

There was also a side note stating that the clientele of the Tudor Hall was not as desirable as the schnitzel.

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Premier Hotel, Broadmeadow, NSW

Premier Hotel, Broadmeadow, NSW
Date: 29th October 2011
Price: $18.90
Type: chicken
With: mushroom sauce and vegetables

So I'm fairly impressed with the quality of food at my mum's new local pub (i couldn't say the same for the clientele - i don't know if it had anything to do with the Def Leppard concert up the street on the same evening). Although a bit pricey, this was quite a tasty schnitzel indeed. Not huge (it was one of the standard "heart-shaped" models) and some mashed potato would have been nice as well, but vegetables were fine and have less of a bogan flavour. I'd go back.

Hobgoblin, Shibuya

Hobgoblin Pub, Shibuya, Tokyo
Date: 22nd October 2011
Type: chicken
Price: 1400 yen
With: chips and salad

I'm not overly surprised that this wasn't the best schnitzel I've ever had. I just feel sad for all those Japanese people missing out on the good stuff. There was nothing wrong with the ingredients. The problem was that that the piece of chicken was so very very dry. Not even the parmigiana topping helped reduce the dryness. The chips and salad weren't too shabby though.

I do feel bad for eating in an English pub in Tokyo, with so many excellent eating venues close by.... but it's in the past now. Let's forget the whole thing.

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Gladstone Hotel, Dulwich Hill

Gladstone Hotel, Dulwich Hill, NSW
Date: 24th August 2011
Price: $10
Type: chicken
With: salad, chips and gravy

I'd never eaten at the Gladstone Hotel before and taking into account the calibre of the clientele on a Wednesday night and the nausea-creating carpet, i didn't have high hopes. But for $10, this really wasn't too bad. You probably couldn't find a schnitzel that was any more processed, but the chips were nice-ish and the gravy was free flowing (albeit from a packet of gravox). This meal was off the $10 specials list, so for all i know their full-priced meals could be exquisite. (They also have that "cook your own steak" malarkey there as well - if that's what jiggles your jigglies).

Note: I shouldn't have a go at the Gladstone.... you'd be hard pressed to find a more decent pub in the general vicinity.

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

The Glenmore Hotel, The Rocks

The Glenmore, The Rocks, Sydney

Date: August 13th, 2011
Price: $19-ish
Type: Chicken parmigiana
With: Mash and salad

For $19-ish you'd expect a fairly excellent schnitzel. Sadly, this schnitzel was not a "stand out". It wasn't revolting by any standard, in fact it was very nice, but not $19 nice. The mash was good and actually made from potatoes, but was place underneath the schnitzel, so quite difficult to manoeuvre around the plate.

Fortunately, the rooftop at The Glenmore is quite the venue to eat such a meal. Lovely view of the opera house. A nice drop of cider. Tourist heaven.

Here's the pubs website.

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Petersham Inn

Petersham Inn, Petersham, NSW
Date: July 9th 2011
Price: $17
Type: chicken parmigiana
With: chips and salad
Website: http://www.petershaminn.com.au

It had been many years since i'd set foot in the Petersham Inn. Quite a nice looking pub with the art deco decor, but slightly ruined with the tacky TAB and poker machine areas. The schnitzel?.... a choice of ham or eggplant on your parmigiana was given... this specimen was the eggplant option and the topping was excellent. The schnitzel itself was a bit bland, but was easily balanced by the topping. A decent size and not over or under cooked, it was pretty decent overall; bit expensive, but... oh well.
Oh!  and the roast vegetable pizza was also brilliant.

Note: we had no $20 note so a cabcharge was used. See below for cabcharge/$20 note comparison.

Friday, 8 July 2011

Redhead Bowling Club

Redhead Bowling Club, Redhead, NSW
Date: 5th July 2011
Price: $12.50 (sauce $2 extra)
Type: chicken
With: chips and salad

Oh lordy, this was one of the best schnitzels we've seen for quite some time. Huuuge, cooked perfectly.... and for only $12.50! Amazing. The sauce was tasty and full of mushrooms (like mushroom sauce should be) and the chips were chunky and squishy (with the odd crunchy one).

So head down to this tiny little bowling near Redhead beach for a cheap drink and the biggest meal you'll get for the price.

Monday, 4 July 2011

Bazaar Beer Cafe, St Leonards

Bazaar Beer Cafe, St Leonards, NSW
Date: July 1st, 2011
Price: $22.80
Type: veal (swiss schnitzel)
With: cheese, ham, chips and salad

So yet another birthday event was celebrated with the consumption of european food and beer. Can't really complain about that. A bit of a weird place, more of a restaurant vibe than a bar vibe.

The schnitzel itself was alright. I don't really think i got my money's worth, but it was a good piece of meat cooked well all the same. The chips were quite tasty. Honestly... i'd go with something else on the menu if i ever go here again.


Saturday, 18 June 2011

Harrigan's, Hunter Valley, NSW

Harrigan's Irish Pub, Hunter Valley, NSW

Date: 28th February 2011
Price: $24.90
Type: chicken
With: chips and salad

Off to the Hunter Valley for work-related purposes, i had this delightful schnitzel paid for out of the project budget so it was extra tasty. For that price i was really expecting something pretty awesome and i wasn't disappointed. Harrigan's really has cornered the market in the Hunter Valley; being the only "pub" for seemingly miles around. Proper tasty chicken with an excellent topping. Not massive, but good quality, all eaten in a faux irish setting. Noice.


Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Harold Park Hotel, Glebe, Sydney

Harold Park Hotel, Glebe
Date: Some tuesday in may
Type: chicken parmigiana
Price: $15.00
With: chips and salad

For a pub that is generally empty every time i drive past, this particular Tuesday night was "going off". In terms of the calibre of it's schnitzel, I must say that i was very impressed with the Harold Park Hotel. It was small but thick, not over cooked and the cheese was extra cheesey (yes, it's possible). The salad also had a decent dressing (which makes a change from the usual "lettuce and a sliver of tomato" salad you generally get elsewhere).


Also.... for future reference, Monday night at this pub is a 2-for-1 meal night. Cheap food!
oh yeah!

Pumpernickel's, Queen's Quay, Toronto

Pumpernickel's Deli, Queen's Quay, Toronto, Canada
Spent the day at the harbor in Toronto, ended up eating at a Pumpernickel's, in the Queen's Quay food court. They had schnitzel on their menu. Ordered the dinner plate, substitute 'mash' with rice instead. Portions were fried chicken, with little or no gravy! Side includes a salad.
While not the best schnitzel (too fried, too hard, and too crunchy), it was a cheap dinner at $9. 
Vu vacationing in Toronto, Canada.
(I'm not sure why you'd go for rice over mash... very unorthodox.... but mostly exciting because i've never seen canadian money)

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Botany View Hotel

Botany View Hotel, Newtown, NSW
Date: 25th April 2011
Price: $15.00
Type: Chicken Parmigiana
With: chips and salad

Well... what other way would you spend your ANZAC day holiday than in a pub?.... and what is the only type of food more "ANZAC" than ANZAC biscuits? Well... i don't know, but i had a schnitzel. As you can see this is the standard "heath-shaped" schnitzelly portion. It was pretty tasty (as is everything at the trusty Botany View Hotel). The chips were thin and crispy and the salad was splendid... despite the large quantity of onion on top.

All in all... pretty nice for the price.... but next time I'm having the chicken burrito.

Monday, 11 April 2011

McLaren Vale

Hotel McLaren, McLaren Vale, South Australia
Date: 8th April 2011
Type: Chicken
Price: $17.50 ( i think)... it was $2.50 for sauce and about $5 for parmigiana topping... steep!
With: chips and lemon

Quite a cute little pub. The schnitzel was cooked perfectly and was a decent bit of chicken (not a processed lump of goo). The chips were also excellent. Kinda pricey for a schnitzel, but the quality made it aaalmost worth it. Not a great number of food options at night in McLaren Vale, it seems.

Special mention to the excellent artwork, especially the painting of a frog flying through space on a lilypad staring at the earth.

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Double Bay Schnitzel House (formerly Una's)

Double Bay Schnitzel House, Double Bay, NSW

Date: 23rd February 2011
Type: Chicken and Veal (not in the same schnitzel)
With: Lemon and potato rosti (and a side of raw cabbage)
Price: well... we got a deal consisting of two schnitzels and two glasses of wine for $19 (romantic, no?) but the usual price for the same schnitzel is about $18. 

As a crazy schnitzel eater many people look at me in astonishment when i tell them that I've never been to Una's. For this reason, i can not compare the schnitzel in the above photo with a standard Una's model. That is, i have no idea whether this schnitzel venue has changed in name alone.

I've been told that "Una's schnitzels are massive!!!"... I wouldn't call these schnitzels "massive". They were large and cooked pretty much to perfection. The goings on with potato underneath was pretty amazing, although i can't say the same for the side plate of grated cabbage (a little hard to stomach with no sauce to assist is sliding down the oesophagus - how's that for a big word?)

All in all i was pretty happy with what we got for $19. I'd be reluctant to pay $18 each for the same meals, but the service and slightly tacky atmosphere made it a nice change of pace from the usual pub-schnitzel-eating environment.

Rating out of 10? I think it's a spot-on 7.54.

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Bangor Tavern

Bangor Tavern, Bangor, NSW

PRICE: $9 steak or schnitzel on Monday and Tuesday
WITH: Chips and salad... choice of sauce - I chose mushroom
TYPE: Chicken
DATE: Monday 20 December 2010

The schnitzel was juicy and cooked to perfection. The sauce was thick, tasty and packed with mushrooms, none of that 3 mushrooms in the sauce crap. The schnitzel came with chips and salad. The chips were the thick variety, pretty standard schnitzel side dish. Salad wasn't life changing. But hey it's all about the schnitzel anyway. I bought the schnitzel on a Monday so it only cost me $9. Not sure what the regular price is but I'd probably pay it. It was that good! Great schnitzel... probably a 9.28 out of 10.

Bangor Tav has recently had a renovation which has made it a popular place to eat so inside can be quite busy and noisy. I'd recommend hitting the Bangor Tav on a warm summers night to take advantage of their lovely beer garden. NOTE: The toilet signs are quite confusing. The renovations means that Bangor Tav is too trendy to simply have 'male' and 'female' signs on the door. Now they have artistic pictures of a cocktail and beer. And just because you are drinking beer doesn't mean you use the beer toilet if you are female.


Thursday, 20 January 2011

Toxteth Hotel

Toxteth Hotel, Glebe, Sydney
Date: 15th January, 2011
Type: Chicken
With: Veggies and mash and mushroom sauce
Price: $18ish

A reasonably tasty schnitzel; a little on the plain side. Cooked perfectly. Nice sauce and veggies... but a bit annoyed that the schnitzel was brought out on top of the mash (you can't cut the schnitzel whilst it's on a pile of mash!!!).

Perfect meal to start a night when you drink a squillion beers.

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Hogs Breath Cafe Carindale

Hogs Breath Cafe Carindale

Place: Hogs Breath Cafe, Carindale
Date: 2 Jan 2011
Type: Chicken Parmigiana, shaved parmesan on top, (curly!!!) chips, salad.
Price: $21.50

Very filling and yum! But adamant the curly fries should have some kind of yummy seasoning on them... Will probably just get the lite serve of $17.50 next time.