Sunday, 29 January 2012

Prince Albert Hotel

Prince Albert Hotel, Adelaide
Date: 27th January 2012
Type: Chicken
With: salad, mushroom sauce and "shoestring fries"

I was expecting quite a lot from my second ever schnitzel in Adelaide. This schnitzel did live up to expectations, so you can stop worrying. I was considering ordering something else, solely based on the fact that it came with "shoestring fries"; the worst type of chip in existence...... but most of the other meals came with the same type of chip, so i really wasn't going to win either way.

The schnitzel itself was good, not a the pre-shaped-then-frozen variety pubs usually sell. As for the size.... who cares when it's a decent piece of meat? Not I! The sauce was tasty, with whole mushrooms and the salad.... well, it was a salad. All in all, thumbs up Prince Albert Hotel.

And one more thing..... a "pint" in Adelaide is the same as a "schooner" in Sydney? Laugh! Someone really needs to standardise beer glass sizes to end the confusion of the weary traveller. That is all.

Saturday, 21 January 2012

The Royal George

The Royal George, Sydney
Date: January 7th, 2012
Type: Chicken
Price: $17
With: chips and salad (no mash available - boooooo)

A nice break from the craziness that was the Sydney Festival First Night in a pub that was quite empty. The Royal George is on that section of George St in the city that's generally best avoided, mainly due to the high concentration of nauseating and scantily clad females accompanied by polo-shirted beefed-up guys. Wank.

Anyway, so the food at the Royal George was surprisingly good. The beer selection was also good. The schnitzel? Well, it was better than your standard low-quality pub schnitzel; cooked well and presented nicely, but nothing nothing to make it stand out amongst it's competitors. The chips were very tasty indeed. All in all, not too bad for $17, but you could probably do better elsewhere.