Saturday, 17 March 2012

Nags Head Hotel, Adamstown

Nags Head Hotel, Adamstown, NSW

Date: 2nd March, 2012
Price: $18-ish
Type: chicken
With: cheese, avocado and ham; and cheese, ham and pineapple...with mash or with salad and chips.

A delightful family meal down at the local pub meant that there were multiple schnitzels eaten. The Nags Head has quite a variety of schnitzel toppings; some more questionable than others. For instance.... schnitzel with pineapple? NO! (Although, you must note that i'm one of those people who will not go anywhere near a hot piece of pineapple). There was a lot of potential here, but i was not sold on this schitzel. The cheese, ham and avocado were all worthy accompaniments, but the schnitzel itself was lacking something. It just didn't taste as good as it should have. The mash was also a bit iffy. So overall... not a huge fan. However, the older people in my party thought it was brilliant..... but what do they know?

Town Hall Hotel, Newtown

Town Hall Hotel, Newtown, Sydney

Date: 16th February 2012
Type: Pork
Price: $18-ish
With: chips and salad and mushroom sauce

The townie has had it's schnitzel offerings reviewed multiple times, but not once has their been a schnitzel of the pork variety on offer. As it was a special that particular night, it probably wont be there ever again, but i'm sure we'll all live. 

It had been quite some time since i'd eaten at the Townie, but regardless this schnitzel was impressive. The schnitzel wasn't huge, but it was obviously made in the kitchen rather than pre-made and frozen. It was very tasty indeed and the mushroom sauce was brilliant. Salad is salad really, but you have to love a salad with grated carrot...... well... i do.