Thursday, 17 December 2009

Lion Hotel

Lion Hotel, North Adelaide
Price: $9 (plus $23 for sauce and plus $43 for salad)
Type: chicken
With: chips, salad and mushroom sauce

I jest (ha ha!) it didn't cost $75 to purchase this fine specimen, but there was a bit of misleading advertising with the "Thursday Night - $9", neglecting to mention (or possibly in very small letters "plus extra for sauce and salad". It doesn't matter though. The mission was for schnitzel and at about $13 it was still reasonable.
The schnitzel itself was excellent. If there's any reason to head to Adelaide, it's for schnitzel. Proper piece of chicken, cooked just perfectly. Fresh salad and tasty sauce.

If you dare, you may visit their website, but beware it has an irritating song attached to it and i cant find the "off" button:

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Edinburgh Castle Hotel

Edinburgh Castle Hotel, Sydney
Price: $9 (50 cents extra for "sauce")
Type: Chicken
With: mash and mushroom "sauce"

The schnitzel itself was quite nice. One step above the bog-standard schnitzels you usually get on a pubs cheap meal list. The sauce was runny and bubbly (?) and the mash was only one step better than that fake mash often serve on $5 menus.
They also had parmigiana on their menu, but it was an extra $8 (which seemed a little silly to me - that is, how can they justify charging $8 for extra cheese and tomato sauce?)

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Black Buffalo Hotel

Black Buffalo Hotel - North Hobart
Had a whopper of a schnitzel last night

Where: Black Buffalo Hotel - North Hobart
Cost: $21 (but I won Keno which paid for it!)

Description: Good pub with this tasty beef (veal) schnitzel. Washed it down with a few pints of Cascade Draught, perfect meal! Buried under the schnitzel was a good portion of chips and veges, all covered in pepper sauce.


Monday, 29 June 2009

Gasthaus Barvarian Hunter

Gasthaus Barvarian Hunter, Stillwater, Minnesota

Warning: No actual photo! Drawing only.... and startlingly absent of a $20 note! But too much effort has been put in not to put this review in.

Date: June 27th 2009
Price: $17.50
With: Slices of bread for starters, Side salad, potato dumplings, and red cabbage
Reviewer: Vu

We unexpected dropped by this German family-owned restaurant in the middle of nowhere city of Stillwater, Minnesota, called Gasthaus Barvarian Hunter, from a long day hike (so apology for no photographic evidence, but here is a drawing). They serve traditional dishes, such as schnitzels and bratwurst, as well as imported German beer on tap (I had a half pint of Spaten Light beer, which was a refreshing sweet Summer beer).

I had the Jagerschnitzel, which was one of their special. It came in two large breaded patties in a mushroom sauce with potato dumplings (it's softer than it looks) and red cabbage (yuck). The schnitzel was a little dry and was actually thicker than I expected. In fact, finishing up the first patty was easy, but working on the second was harder than I thought. The meal was rich and dense and very filling (such a wimp, but I did not finish the second patty entirely).

It was a good, filling meal, but for about $20, it's not for the budget conscious... but it's definitely worth eating once in a while.

(Very impressive drawing.... i must say)

Charlestown Bowling Club

Charlestown Bowling Club, Charlestown
Date: 27th June 2009
Type: Chicken
Price: $12
With: satay sauce, "coconut rice", a papadum and salad.

Review: VERY weird...i've never seen such an odd combination of things on a plate. The schnitzel itself was alright, if slightly cold. I hate papdums so.... yeah, not overly impressed with that bit. The salad was nice and the conversation about where the clubs are that have the best smoking rooms was riveting.

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Golden Barley Hotel

Golden Barley Hotel, MarrickvilleDate: June 7th 2009
Price: $13.50
With: chips and salad and mushroom sauce

Not bad at all! Good for a hangover. Not the best i've had though and the salad was a bit crappy. The chips were very nice and the sauce was obviously not just out of some jar.

I do like the Golden Barley..... love those old man pubs.

Saturday, 30 May 2009

Cricketers Arms

The Cricketers Arms - Cooks Hill, Newcastle
Date: 23rd May, 2009
Price: ummm... $16 (I dont know, I didnt buy it)
With: Chips and salad and gravy

Never fear... this is actually the small serving.... and appears to be half of an average sized schnitzel. The eater of this schnitzel didn't have a great deal to say about it, but she didn't die. So i can only assume it was edible and non-poisonous.

Saturday, 9 May 2009

Franks, Townsville

Franks, Townsville, Queensland
(i'm assuming it's:
Frank's Pizza Napoli & Vesuviana Restaurant)

Hey - we had dinner at 'Franks' on Saturday night and these are what emerged from the kitchen if you ordered a schnitzel. Service was very scary and the place is obviously a front for mafia money laundering. Apparently though the schnitzels were tasty and massive - no sides needed here! (Pizza on the other hand was something else... ).

Finally a decent schnitzel has been found in Townsville!! YEAH!!

Brecknock Hotel, Adelaide

Brecknock Hotel, Adelaide
Date: Tuesday 5/5/09
2 Chicken Schnitzels with Mushroom Sauce (not for the same person)
With:Served with salad and eleven small chips (literally, I counted)
Price: $10

Enjoyed by Dan and Peter

The schnitzels were good.
Decent quality chicken, not too large (large schnitzels generally make me nervous)
and the crust was excellent - reminiscent of a Japanese 'Panko' coating according to Peter.
The gravy was very nice too.

Only complaint was the serving of the chips - 11 small chips hidden and steaming under the schnitzel.
I know its only $10, but the chips cannot be the most expensive part of this dish, surely?
Peter correctly remarked that he would much rather pay $12 for the same schnitzel...
with a decent pile of chips.

(something is terrible wrong with this website)

Saturday, 28 March 2009

Concordia Club

Concordia Club, Mackey Park, TempeDate: 21st March, 2009
Price: errr. $18-ish (i dunno, i didnt pay)
Type: veal
With: chips, lemon, a peach with cranberries on top and a salad... with some very excellent mystery dressing

Just as awesome as expected really. Proper schnitzel (not some mass produced piece of crap). Perfectly cooked. mmmmm

The Concordia club is a bit of a gem. Disguised as a croquet club across the road from Tempe Station (in Sydney), it's all about humourous little German men, large beers and stogey food. mmm

(Try the deep fried Camembert if you don't mind being 10kg heavier by the time you walk out the door)

Monday, 23 February 2009

Junction Hotel

Junction Hotel, The Junction

Date: 9th February 2009
Price: 9.90 (because I was with a member)
Type: Chicken
With: Salad and chips

Not too bad, but was one of those standard "heart-shaped" schnitzels that are probably worth about $2 each.

The Junction Hotel used to be a dingy little old man pub... it's kind of a shame it's changed so much. It's all shiny, with shiny prices to match (and full of shiny-faced bimbo girls). Although it did make trivia VERY easy to win.

Sunday, 1 February 2009

Bankstown RSL Greenfield Station Bistro

Greenfield Station Bistro - Bankstown RSL Another schnitzel captured on an outing to the Bankstown RSL Greenfield Station Bistro with Jo on the 29 Jan. Only $9.50 with a coupon. Came with chips, a huge serving of salad (piled all in a separate bowl so unfortunately you don't really get perspective here) the schnitzel and gravy. decent tasting, considering the price. happy with the portions...ooh and you get the choice of french or italian dressing with the salad. bargain!


Saturday, 31 January 2009

Great Southern Hotel - Sydney

Great Southern Hotel - George St, Sydney
Date: 22nd January 2009
Price: $9.00
Type: Chicken
With: salad and veggies

This was one of those bog-standard heart-shaped schnitzels that probably cost the pub about $1 each. Same old.... nothing special.
Good price though... can't complain about that.

Friday, 23 January 2009

"the Bohemian" in SLC

The Bohemian Brewery, Salt Lake city, UT, USA


I finally tried Schnitzel. This was pork Schnitzel from "the Bohemian" in SLC
I think Veal Schnitzel would be much better, but what can you do ;P

Monday, 5 January 2009

Chinese Style

Taken at a korean restaurant in hangzhou (China) on xixi rd just outside the back gate of zhejiang uni. unfortunately we had butchered the schnitzel before even thinking of snapping a pic. note that we had at $20 handy! must get brownie points for that. sauce was sweet...still tasted good.
This is a delicious chunk of crumbed chicken from a Korean restaurant down the road.
:) k.