Monday, 29 June 2009

Gasthaus Barvarian Hunter

Gasthaus Barvarian Hunter, Stillwater, Minnesota

Warning: No actual photo! Drawing only.... and startlingly absent of a $20 note! But too much effort has been put in not to put this review in.

Date: June 27th 2009
Price: $17.50
With: Slices of bread for starters, Side salad, potato dumplings, and red cabbage
Reviewer: Vu

We unexpected dropped by this German family-owned restaurant in the middle of nowhere city of Stillwater, Minnesota, called Gasthaus Barvarian Hunter, from a long day hike (so apology for no photographic evidence, but here is a drawing). They serve traditional dishes, such as schnitzels and bratwurst, as well as imported German beer on tap (I had a half pint of Spaten Light beer, which was a refreshing sweet Summer beer).

I had the Jagerschnitzel, which was one of their special. It came in two large breaded patties in a mushroom sauce with potato dumplings (it's softer than it looks) and red cabbage (yuck). The schnitzel was a little dry and was actually thicker than I expected. In fact, finishing up the first patty was easy, but working on the second was harder than I thought. The meal was rich and dense and very filling (such a wimp, but I did not finish the second patty entirely).

It was a good, filling meal, but for about $20, it's not for the budget conscious... but it's definitely worth eating once in a while.

(Very impressive drawing.... i must say)

Charlestown Bowling Club

Charlestown Bowling Club, Charlestown
Date: 27th June 2009
Type: Chicken
Price: $12
With: satay sauce, "coconut rice", a papadum and salad.

Review: VERY weird...i've never seen such an odd combination of things on a plate. The schnitzel itself was alright, if slightly cold. I hate papdums so.... yeah, not overly impressed with that bit. The salad was nice and the conversation about where the clubs are that have the best smoking rooms was riveting.

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Golden Barley Hotel

Golden Barley Hotel, MarrickvilleDate: June 7th 2009
Price: $13.50
With: chips and salad and mushroom sauce

Not bad at all! Good for a hangover. Not the best i've had though and the salad was a bit crappy. The chips were very nice and the sauce was obviously not just out of some jar.

I do like the Golden Barley..... love those old man pubs.