Thursday, 24 February 2011

Double Bay Schnitzel House (formerly Una's)

Double Bay Schnitzel House, Double Bay, NSW

Date: 23rd February 2011
Type: Chicken and Veal (not in the same schnitzel)
With: Lemon and potato rosti (and a side of raw cabbage)
Price: well... we got a deal consisting of two schnitzels and two glasses of wine for $19 (romantic, no?) but the usual price for the same schnitzel is about $18. 

As a crazy schnitzel eater many people look at me in astonishment when i tell them that I've never been to Una's. For this reason, i can not compare the schnitzel in the above photo with a standard Una's model. That is, i have no idea whether this schnitzel venue has changed in name alone.

I've been told that "Una's schnitzels are massive!!!"... I wouldn't call these schnitzels "massive". They were large and cooked pretty much to perfection. The goings on with potato underneath was pretty amazing, although i can't say the same for the side plate of grated cabbage (a little hard to stomach with no sauce to assist is sliding down the oesophagus - how's that for a big word?)

All in all i was pretty happy with what we got for $19. I'd be reluctant to pay $18 each for the same meals, but the service and slightly tacky atmosphere made it a nice change of pace from the usual pub-schnitzel-eating environment.

Rating out of 10? I think it's a spot-on 7.54.

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