Sunday, 10 July 2011

Petersham Inn

Petersham Inn, Petersham, NSW
Date: July 9th 2011
Price: $17
Type: chicken parmigiana
With: chips and salad

It had been many years since i'd set foot in the Petersham Inn. Quite a nice looking pub with the art deco decor, but slightly ruined with the tacky TAB and poker machine areas. The schnitzel?.... a choice of ham or eggplant on your parmigiana was given... this specimen was the eggplant option and the topping was excellent. The schnitzel itself was a bit bland, but was easily balanced by the topping. A decent size and not over or under cooked, it was pretty decent overall; bit expensive, but... oh well.
Oh!  and the roast vegetable pizza was also brilliant.

Note: we had no $20 note so a cabcharge was used. See below for cabcharge/$20 note comparison.

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