Sunday, 7 May 2017

Summer Hill Hotel, Summer Hill

Date: 6th May 2017
Price: $23
Type: chicken... The "outback" schnitzel
With: egg, cheese, bacon and Beetroot(?)

For $23 you'd expect something pretty amazing, right?
Well, I got this. After getting past the "schnitzel on the chips" faux pas, we get to the toppings. What makes this "outback"? Is it all those pigs, chickens, cheese makers, and beetroot farms that are in the outback? Probably.
How did it taste? Well it wasn't offensive. Nothing about it was offensive, it was just a plain old schnitzel with out-of-place toppings and a half-arsed salad. Chips were fine.
2.6 out of 5.

Sunday, 20 November 2016

Euro Bar, Hamilton

Date: 20th November 2016
Price: can't remember
Type: chicken
With: avocado, bacon, cheese, salad and chips

The schnitzel was small but cooked well. The chicken was a bit tasteless, but the cheese, bacon and avocado on top made up for it with flavour. The chips were nice and crispy and the salad had just the right amount of dressing.

3.5 out of 5.

Monday, 12 September 2016

Ashfield Hotel

Date: 11th September 2016
Price: $17
Type: chicken parmigiana
With: salad and chips

Upon first inspection the meal looked pretty good. Homemade schnitzel (of a reasonable size) with tomato, ham and cheese on top. However, I'm not sure how they extracted the flavour before serving it to me. Magical.
The crumbs were quite soggy and the chips were a bit rubbery. Maybe it was a bit late in the evening, the salad looked a bit sad.

Ashfield hotel.... Such a sterile place.

Overall 2.76 out of 5.

Sunday, 21 August 2016

The Royal at Randwick

Date: 11 June 2016

It was a lunch special on the weekend, so I'm not sure if they made it horrible on purpose.

This was the veal parmigiana and it was tough and chewy. The chips were good.
The pub has dark but shiny interiors... and is also full of small children. Beware.

Keg & Brew, Surry Hills

Date: 12 October 2015

So, I think I was pretty much drunk before I even started eating this. The aim was to stave off that point of drinking that is "the pre-home hangover" also known as "alcohol poisoning". Anyway, it was oily and good. The coleslaw instead of salad also added to the lack of nutrition, which was welcomed.
Chips: too thin.

Wrest Point, Hobart, Tasmania

Date: 20 August 2015
Type: the "hunters" schnitzel at the Loft Bistro
Price: don't care, was there for a work conference

If there's a destination for an eating holiday, it's,Tasmania. Even the most ordinary food tastes amazing. This schnitzel was excellent and it wasn't just the giant glass of wine (not pictured) talking.

Worst Point. What a weird place though.

Napier Hotel, Fitzroy, Melbourne

Date: 16 August 2015
Can't remember anything else. 

Parmigiana that was well worth the wait. Busy cosy pub with a tops menu.
Chips could have been chubbier.