Monday, 20 October 2014

The Albion Hotel

The Albion Hotel, Wickham
Date: some time in August
Type: schnitzel
Price: $17.50, plus and extra $5 for the garlic king prawns
With: salad and chips

Sure you pay a little more than your average pub meal here, but what you get is some very tasty food indeed. This schnitzel was eaten by someone else (I had the pie of the day and it was amazing), but by all accounts the schnitzel was excellent. Even though they put the schnitzel on top of the chips (which is a bit of a schnitzel safari faux pas), a good salad with a little more than just lettuce and tomato goes a long way. Good work Albion Hotel.

Hotel Pennant Hills

Hotel Pennant Hills, Pennant Hills
Date: 7th September 2014 (or thereabouts)
Type: chicken
Price: $20
With: Salad, chips and gravy

If you enjoy a room full of children with no windows, then this pub is for you! I bet you're thinking "$20?!?!?".... well yes, $20. And no, it's wasn't worth $20. Although it was touted in the menu as a "panko crumbed chicken schnitzel", the schnitzel itself was one of the standard "heart-shaped" models, lovingly grabbed out of the freezer and deep fried. Not very fancy at all. The chips were not bad (not too chubby) and the salad.... well.... it was salad.
Don't worry. If my memory serves me rightly, it did taste nice.