Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Pumpernickel's, Queen's Quay, Toronto

Pumpernickel's Deli, Queen's Quay, Toronto, Canada
Spent the day at the harbor in Toronto, ended up eating at a Pumpernickel's, in the Queen's Quay food court. They had schnitzel on their menu. Ordered the dinner plate, substitute 'mash' with rice instead. Portions were fried chicken, with little or no gravy! Side includes a salad.
While not the best schnitzel (too fried, too hard, and too crunchy), it was a cheap dinner at $9. 
Vu vacationing in Toronto, Canada.
(I'm not sure why you'd go for rice over mash... very unorthodox.... but mostly exciting because i've never seen canadian money)

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Anonymous said...

This is not true. I eat at that restaurant most of the time and I love the food. Maybe it wasn't the style you like. You should try them again next time. I am sure you will enjoy it.