Thursday, 25 August 2011

Gladstone Hotel, Dulwich Hill

Gladstone Hotel, Dulwich Hill, NSW
Date: 24th August 2011
Price: $10
Type: chicken
With: salad, chips and gravy

I'd never eaten at the Gladstone Hotel before and taking into account the calibre of the clientele on a Wednesday night and the nausea-creating carpet, i didn't have high hopes. But for $10, this really wasn't too bad. You probably couldn't find a schnitzel that was any more processed, but the chips were nice-ish and the gravy was free flowing (albeit from a packet of gravox). This meal was off the $10 specials list, so for all i know their full-priced meals could be exquisite. (They also have that "cook your own steak" malarkey there as well - if that's what jiggles your jigglies).

Note: I shouldn't have a go at the Gladstone.... you'd be hard pressed to find a more decent pub in the general vicinity.

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