Sunday, 24 February 2008

Stack of Schnitzel

The Orchard Hotel, Chatswood, NSW
Date: February 14th, 2006 (Katrie's work leaving do - she's gone on a schnitzel hunt in China for a year)
Type: Chicken Schnitzel stack
With: salad (cucumber, tomato, lettuce, capsicum) mayonnaise and half a lemon.
Price: um.... about $15? I can't remember, I didn't pay for it.

Review: well... this is one of the worst actual schnitzels I've eaten in a while. I'll give them points for an innovative presentation (cut up and formed into a stack with the salad), but the actual piece of schnitzel itself was burnt and the crumbs weren't sticking to the meat.

Also, I only had a $10 note. But that's OK, because it wasn't even nearly half a good as most of the other schnitzels featured here.

Thursday, 7 February 2008


The Panania Hotel - Panania, Sydney, NSW
Date: 5th Feb 08
Price: $18
Type: Chicken Parmigiana
With: Chips & Salad

Awesome schnitzel, very large pieces, that is one piece of schnitzel, can get chicken or veal, in either regular or parmigiana, chips and salad with it, and balsamic vinegar also available on the salad. Lots of other things on the menu, great atmosphere, right next to panania train station, one of the best schnitzels i've had in a long time!

Reviewer: oRiCLe (Aaron)