Monday, 29 June 2009

Gasthaus Barvarian Hunter

Gasthaus Barvarian Hunter, Stillwater, Minnesota

Warning: No actual photo! Drawing only.... and startlingly absent of a $20 note! But too much effort has been put in not to put this review in.

Date: June 27th 2009
Price: $17.50
With: Slices of bread for starters, Side salad, potato dumplings, and red cabbage
Reviewer: Vu

We unexpected dropped by this German family-owned restaurant in the middle of nowhere city of Stillwater, Minnesota, called Gasthaus Barvarian Hunter, from a long day hike (so apology for no photographic evidence, but here is a drawing). They serve traditional dishes, such as schnitzels and bratwurst, as well as imported German beer on tap (I had a half pint of Spaten Light beer, which was a refreshing sweet Summer beer).

I had the Jagerschnitzel, which was one of their special. It came in two large breaded patties in a mushroom sauce with potato dumplings (it's softer than it looks) and red cabbage (yuck). The schnitzel was a little dry and was actually thicker than I expected. In fact, finishing up the first patty was easy, but working on the second was harder than I thought. The meal was rich and dense and very filling (such a wimp, but I did not finish the second patty entirely).

It was a good, filling meal, but for about $20, it's not for the budget conscious... but it's definitely worth eating once in a while.

(Very impressive drawing.... i must say)

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