Thursday, 17 December 2009

Lion Hotel

Lion Hotel, North Adelaide
Price: $9 (plus $23 for sauce and plus $43 for salad)
Type: chicken
With: chips, salad and mushroom sauce

I jest (ha ha!) it didn't cost $75 to purchase this fine specimen, but there was a bit of misleading advertising with the "Thursday Night - $9", neglecting to mention (or possibly in very small letters "plus extra for sauce and salad". It doesn't matter though. The mission was for schnitzel and at about $13 it was still reasonable.
The schnitzel itself was excellent. If there's any reason to head to Adelaide, it's for schnitzel. Proper piece of chicken, cooked just perfectly. Fresh salad and tasty sauce.

If you dare, you may visit their website, but beware it has an irritating song attached to it and i cant find the "off" button:

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