Saturday, 28 March 2009

Concordia Club

Concordia Club, Mackey Park, TempeDate: 21st March, 2009
Price: errr. $18-ish (i dunno, i didnt pay)
Type: veal
With: chips, lemon, a peach with cranberries on top and a salad... with some very excellent mystery dressing

Just as awesome as expected really. Proper schnitzel (not some mass produced piece of crap). Perfectly cooked. mmmmm

The Concordia club is a bit of a gem. Disguised as a croquet club across the road from Tempe Station (in Sydney), it's all about humourous little German men, large beers and stogey food. mmm

(Try the deep fried Camembert if you don't mind being 10kg heavier by the time you walk out the door)

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Simon Food Favourites said...

wow you sure like your schnitzel! so where's the biggest and best in Sydney? i'm thinking Una's perhaps for size? the schnitzel i saw someone order today at concordia looked good. i had the pork knuckle instead on the specials menu.