Saturday, 30 May 2009

Cricketers Arms

The Cricketers Arms - Cooks Hill, Newcastle
Date: 23rd May, 2009
Price: ummm... $16 (I dont know, I didnt buy it)
With: Chips and salad and gravy

Never fear... this is actually the small serving.... and appears to be half of an average sized schnitzel. The eater of this schnitzel didn't have a great deal to say about it, but she didn't die. So i can only assume it was edible and non-poisonous.


John said...

There food is terrible now. That idiot that says he is a head chef is a pain and his food is pretty ordinary

Anonymous said...

I only just stumbled across this looking for other stuff in Cooks Hill but I can tell you THAT head chef has gone and a new one is in place and the food is FANTASTIC!

Anonymous said...

the restaurant is under new management and the revamped dining room is worth a look and the food is great-the prawn and avocado bruschetta is to die for