Sunday, 1 March 2015

Concordia Club

Concordia Club, Tempe

Date: 15th February 2015
Type: chicken
Price: Can't remember... if you squint, you might be able see the menu in the photo. 
With: chips and salad

Well, i'm sure we're got a specimen from the trusty Concordia Club somewhere else on this site, but we thought it as time for an update. 

As you can see, the Concordia makes a good looking schnitzel. Admittedly, it was not I that ate it (i could only manage to force down a large piece of cherry and cheese strudel and eleventy beers). So i can't really comment on the taste. But looking at the face of the eater, i can say that immense joy was had. 

Concordia club: it's an excellent place for tasty german food and beer.... and listening to such classic hits such as Xanadu, in german. Brilliant.

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