Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Twenty One Espresso

Twenty One Espresso, Double Bay

Date: January 9th, 2015
Type: half-half (half chicken, half veal)
With: cucumber salad and cream spinach
Price: $29 (i think)

Oh Double Bay, how did you get left so squarely in the 80's? What a bizarre suburb!
The Twenty One Espresso Cafe is a little Hungarian Cafe that does, amongst a bunch of other things, schnitzels. Although pricey, the schnitzels are clearly made from scratch rather than frozen; nice and thin and crispy. It was also unanimously decided that the veal half was tastier than the chicken half.
I wouldn't say this is my favourite schnitzel or that you can't find a schnitzel better elsewhere, but it was definitely good. The thing that made this schnitzel so good was easily the spinach cream. I'm not sure what they did to make that glorious green mush, but it was excellent.
Overall: splendid..... 4.32 out of 5.

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