Sunday, 1 March 2015

Lord Raglan

Lord Raglan Hotel, Alexandria

Date: 28th February 2015
Type: chicken
Price: ummm.... i think it was $12
With: chips, salad and tomato sauce

Cheap and good. For the price, i really couldn't go past this menu selection. The schnitzel was one of the standard pub-type schnitzels but it was cooked crispiliciously. The chips were optimally chubby and the salad had half a cherry tomato in it. Amazing.
I didn't sample the sauce, not sure why... but by all accounts, it was excellent. To me, tomato sauce is something i put on food that tastes ordinary and needs it's actual flavour hidden.

Also... this pub needs to be mentioned based on some of the lovely beers it has on tap... most notably the range from Shenanigans Brewing. Well worth trying if mainstream beers aren't your thing. Good selection and i don't even really have a hangover!

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