Sunday, 16 March 2008

Balkan Style

The Europe Grill
506 King Street, Newtown, NSW
Date: ooh January?
Type: pork
With: skinless sausages, a piece of lettuce and half a raw white onion.
Cost: err, i can't remember

This place is really not suitable for vegetarians. Macedonian food.... very meaty and potatoey. Also, the restaurant is very dark.... possibly so you don't realise that distinct lack of vegetables.

Anyway, what we have hear was what was called "natural schnitzel" on the menu... there was a Macedonian word for it, which I can't remember.

Pretty awesome tasting though. It was basically flattened and grilled pieces of pork. Nice and tender with a tasty smoked flavour.

I do recommend this place as far as cute little bizarre restaurants go, but make sure you only eat salad for the day before and after.

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