Sunday, 16 March 2008

Making an Evening of it.

White Cockatoo Hotel
Terminus Street, Petersham

What better way to spend a Saturday night then to form a large posse and head down to the White Cockatoo (after spending the day having a few drinkies and playing frisbee in the park).

Anyway... to cut a long story short, there were a few people who had grown tired of hearing
about the scary size of the schnitzels served at the White Cockatoo and decided to make the trek down from Newcastle to Sydney to try one out.

I don't know. Even I'm astonished at how they can make something so big from a chicken AND how they make enough money to carry on serving such huge meals. Even being a Saturday, when you would expect a pub would be doing most of it's business, there weren't many people in the pub and by 10pm we were the only people there.

Below are some happy snaps of the evening (click on the pictures to see uber-sized ones):

Antipasto and Florentine (still with the two fried eggs, no less)

Boscaiola, Marinara and Supreme (also evidence of our expertise at the chocolate machine)


Anonymous said...

Don't know bout the schnitzels but the frizbee would have been fun

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Forkhead said...

there is one mega-schnitzel, on the way. too tired to upload now...

Jen said...

My boyfriend is the biggest meat eater in the known universe and I am vegetarian. So, it was quite hilarous watching him get beaten by a White Cockatoo Schnitzel (the first time). Second time 'round he prepared and didn't eat for the whole day. How DO they make money? Very nice little pub as well. Worth the trip.