Thursday, 6 March 2014

Forresters $12 World of Schnitzel night

The Forresters, Surry Hills, NSW

Tuesday is $12 World of Schnitzel night at Forresters, Surry Hills. There are 5 flavours to choose from: Hawaiian, Japanese, German, Mexican, and Parmigiana. How exotic!

I decided to live crazy and get the German one with swiss cheese, sauerkraut and Jäger sauce. They totally nailed the German. With my first mouthful I had an instant flashback to Oktoberfest (the $5 happy hour pints I enjoyed earlier down the road at Excelsior Hotel probably also helped). If you don’t like the sour of the sauerkraut then this flavour is not for you, as the schnitzel was loaded with a good helping of the stuff. The schnitzel was also covered in Jäger sauce but not drowning so no soggy schnitzel problem. The right ratio of sauce to schnitzel. Can’t say I noticed the cheese, I’m not sure that swiss cheese really belongs on a German schnitzel anyway?!  

Obviously the main attraction here is the wonderful topping flavours but it’s also worth noting that the schnitzel was a good thickness, cooked well and succulent. As well as the schnitzel and topping, for $12 you also get fries (chunky variety) and coleslaw (possibly homemade?). It was a decent feed. Probably my only complaint was that the meal was warm, not hot, like it had been sitting there for a while before it reached me. Probably a reflection on how busy they were more than anything.  

Overall the sauerkraut, Jäger sauce and schnitzel combined perfectly to make for one delicious meal with generous sides. Will definitely go back and try the other 4 flavours.


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