Monday, 29 April 2013

Leichhardt Bowling Club, Leichhardt
Date: 28th April 2013
Type: Chicken
Price: $15
With: gravy and salad (Note: it usually comes with chips)

What a splendid location to indulge in a schnitzel. I must note that this wasn't consumed by me, but i heard no complaints! The salad was fresh and the schnitzel (although the standard "love heart" shape) was cooked perfectly.
What made this schnitzel so brilliant, was the location. Have you ever been to Leichhardt bowling club? Sure it's right under the flightpath into Sydney Airport, but it's like stepping back a decade or two. The drinks are so cheap and the club building itself smells like an old person's wardrobe. However, if you ever get the opportunity to play bowls there... do it! The greens are immaculate.
A lovely afternoon in the sun.


Monkey said...

Why didn't you get any chips?

Sydney Pub List said...

nice set of lungs