Sunday, 22 July 2012

White Cockatoo Hotel, Petersham

White Cockatoo Hotel, Petersham
Date: 15th July 2012
Price: $20
Type: chicken "Manya"
With: black bean and beef mince sauce with lines of peri peri mayonnaise

Another un-sampled schnitzel variety at the White Cockatoo that needed tasting. Divided between three people, it was the perfect amount of food. The upside with the White Cockatoo schnitzels that aren't covered in cheese is that it's generally a less oily experience. As you can see, it doesn't look very nice, but the black bean saucy substance was tasty and very excellently matched with the peri peri mayonnaise. The chips: always robust. The side salad: revolto (unless you like onion).


Joe Blogs said...

Interesting looking schnitty! I see you don't mind the White Cockatoo. Went there back in 2006 and had a massive schnitzel. It was pretty bland but my mate reckons no one could finish one so I saw that as a challenge and ate the whole thing. Looks like their menu has changed/expanded since then. By the way, we mentioned you in one of our blogs over at Sydney Pub List :)

Sydney Pub List said...

Following up... the team hit the Cockatoo recently and there was mixed feelings about the place. Our blog post on it out soon ;)

Sydney Pub List said...

And here's that post... :)