Monday, 16 July 2012

Empire Hotel, Annandale

Empire Hotel, Annandale
Date: 14th July, 2012
Price: $12
Type: chicken
With: mash and veggies

Bargain! I've never eaten at the Empire.... in fact, up until recently i could have sworn the Empire Hotel was a seedy den of evil and cover bands. This schnitzel was nothing out of the ordinary, but it was exactly what I needed before i night of beering and bands at the Annandale Hotel down the street (the $12 jugs of Coopers made for a cheap start to the night as well!). A good size, cooked well and with decent mash. Can't fault this specimen at all. It even came with a mysterious shadow puppet of a dog. woooooooh woooooooooooh spoooooky.

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Anonymous said...

Evil and cover bands? Seen a lot of bands there - never a cover band. Their sound guy was, until a couple of years ago, the late Pat Picket, who was Bon Scott's best friend and did wonderful sonic work for the likes of AC/DC, Midnight Oil, The Angels and Warumpi Band. The Empire's very much a part of Sydney's rock and roll history. Schnitzel on!