Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Pivnica Medvedgrad, Zagreb

Pivnica Medvedgrad, Zagreb

Where: Pivnica Medvedgrad, Ilica 45, Zagreb, Croatia (www.pivnica-medvedgrad.hr)
Date: 11 September 2010
Type: Wiener Schnitzel
With: roasted potato halves (strangely called 'Police'); some kind of mysterious mayo-like sauce
Price: 55HRK (around GBP6, AU$10)

Well-cooked, and nicely breadcrumbed, but my goodness - the salt! Both the potatoes and the schnitzel itself were drowning in it. It's a good job that the beer hall had some very tasty and very cheap beer - microbrewed on site - to wash it down with. In fact, anyone would think they were trying to make you drink more of it.
Deceptively small 200HRK note for scale.


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