Monday, 9 August 2010

Paddington RSL

Paddington RSL, Paddington, Sydney
Date: 30th July 2010
Type: Chicken
Price: $13
With: Chips and salad

Well... a fairly horrid schnitzel by any standards. Might have been acceptable if it was priced at about $4. Thin and tasteless and small. 

Paddintgon RSL has a crap atmosphere, angry locals and over-priced beers for an RSL. Not to mention the very weird food ordering procedure: pay at the bar, take the receipt to the bistro and line-up to hand over your receipt THEN wait about 20 minutes for them to deep fry a cheap piece of crumbed meat. 

All in all.... a very energy intensive evening. Lazy people beware.

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Gem said...

I agree completely with this review. I've never experienced a schnitzel of such poor quality. And don't get me started on those angry locals. I hope that I never have a reason to go to Paddington RSL ever again.