Sunday, 3 June 2012

Concordia Club, Tempe, NSW
Date: 26th May, 2012
Price: $20
Type: Pork (Jager Schnitzel)
With: red cabbage, spatzle and mushroom sauce

It had been a long time since we'd ventured to Concordia club; nearly two years to be exact. We wont go into the exact reason, but if you buy me a beer I'll tell you the whole story. Anyway, a sunny autumn sunday afternoon was the perfect time to head down and consume several half litres of beer and some stodgy food. 

You'd think that out of all the types of places that serve schnitzel, a german club would deliver the best product. Well, yes.... it was quite a fine specimen indeed. I do recall having a chicken schnitzel at the same venue several years ago and I wasn't blown away. Maybe i was more hungry this time or maybe it was just better quality. I don't know, but it was pretty bloody tasty. The sauce was good, the cabbage was tasty and the spatzle was a nice change from the standard chip side-dish.


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