Sunday, 29 January 2012

Prince Albert Hotel

Prince Albert Hotel, Adelaide
Date: 27th January 2012
Type: Chicken
With: salad, mushroom sauce and "shoestring fries"

I was expecting quite a lot from my second ever schnitzel in Adelaide. This schnitzel did live up to expectations, so you can stop worrying. I was considering ordering something else, solely based on the fact that it came with "shoestring fries"; the worst type of chip in existence...... but most of the other meals came with the same type of chip, so i really wasn't going to win either way.

The schnitzel itself was good, not a the pre-shaped-then-frozen variety pubs usually sell. As for the size.... who cares when it's a decent piece of meat? Not I! The sauce was tasty, with whole mushrooms and the salad.... well, it was a salad. All in all, thumbs up Prince Albert Hotel.

And one more thing..... a "pint" in Adelaide is the same as a "schooner" in Sydney? Laugh! Someone really needs to standardise beer glass sizes to end the confusion of the weary traveller. That is all.

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Anonymous said...

Next time you're in Adelaide try out The Earl of Leicester ;)