Sunday, 23 May 2010

Paddo Tavern

Paddo Tavern Paddington, Brisbane

Date: 18.5.2010
Price: $24 (but 2 for 1 meals - for some reason)
Type: Chicken
With: Chips and salad

Well... could this have been the most boganic pub that i've ever been to? Stools with saddles instead of flat surfaces to put ones bottoms on. An over-arching cowboy theme. mmm Pig racing?

Anyway... the schnitzel, although on the small side, was quite tasty. The chips were also tasty. Not so sure about the excess spring onion all over the shop. For $24 this would have been quite the rip-off, but when its  2 for 1 deal, you really cant go wrong.

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the jay said...

You guys have cowboys on your money?