Friday, 30 November 2007

Northern Star Cafe

Northern Star Cafe, Beaumont St, Hamilton
1. Schnitzel Boscaiola

2. Stuffed something-or-other (probably veal, as i dont think my mother eats chicken)

Date: 23rd of November, 2007
Type: 1. Chicken and 2. (probably) Veal
With: 1. Boscaioloa sauce and veggies, 2. stuffed with cheesy stuff, with a cheesy looking sauce and served with veggies.
Price: I can't really remember, they were definitely less than $20 though
Review:This is a lovely little café with some top quality Italian food. The schnitzel itself was very tasty and quite good value for money. Not as big as they come, but definitely not uber-processed crap.
The veggies were fairly average, but the wine was good and the several beers at the pub previously. mmmm oh... and the gelato on the way out. mmmm

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