Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Adelaide Schnitzel

Arkaba Hotel, Adelaide
South Australia
Submitted by Dan

Number 1 is a chicken parmy, which I ate, it was proper chicken, and a good size, for chicken.

Number 2 is a beef parmy, i didnt eat it.
These are from the Arkaba Hotel, which I wouldn't normally go to, except they were showing the soccer on the big screen (its a terrible, terrible pub. Mostly gambling and 40+ year olds lookin for a good time.)
Anyway, sorry about the photos, they were taken with a camera (as opposed to a small carrot), i remembered at the last minute.

Price: $13
With: either salad or vegies, 7 chips and a mini breadroll.


Anonymous said...

Shouldn't put money under the Schnitz, mate. Best to put beside the plate, cheers.

dan said...


When i said 'taken with a camera' i meant 'taken with a phone'.

I think that should clear things up a little.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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