Friday, 23 February 2007

White Cockatoo Hotel - again

Well.... if you've been there, you'll understand.
Schnitzel at the White Cockatoo Hotel is no normal schnitzel.

What kind of chicken does it come from?
How many different toppings can you add to a schnitzel?

It's where the schnitzel safari was born.


22nd of February....
aside from the standard: schnitzel with mushroom sauce....

We have a couple of additions this time.

The Marinara Schnitzel (thanks to the peoples at the table next to us)... with prawns and calamari rings piled on top.

The Supreme Schnitzel.... with a whole sliced tomato, a diced pig (in ham form) most of a red onion and a block of cheese.

.....and since the last time i visited, they've done away with trying to fit your salad on the same plate and instead, put it in a handy side bowl. (modelled here with a $5 note that was won on the chocolate wheel - which has nothing to do with chocolate)

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