Sunday, 10 December 2006

Court House Hotel

Court House Hotel, Newtown, NSW

Date: December 9th, 2006

Price: $16

Type: Chicken

With: "spring coleslaw" and chips.

Spring coleslaw? ... yeah, not so good

Some other things needed to be measured too:


smiley said...

I don't like the courthouse.

your food doesn't come with your friends and it can be a bit pantsy

Sydney Pub List said...

Ah, the Courty. We like the pub but not their food in particular. I've had the schnitzel there and tried a few of the other meals in the past and not a big fan. It's fine but there are so many better places to eat near by. The Courthouse is about the chill-factor, whether it be in the beergarden or the front bar. Personally I prefer both in the afternoon before it gets too busy. When the beergarden gets packed, I'm out. We just posted our review of it actually :P -- The Courthouse Hotel; "Court is now in session"